The Mission

At Datum, we want to give individuals autonomy over their personal data. That means helping them understand and control the data that other companies collect about them, and helping them use that data for themselves.

The Core Problem

Tech companies spend billions collecting and analyzing your data, and then just use it to sell advertising. They’re not in any hurry to let you understand what is happening with your own data or use it to improve your life. They assume your data is an asset of theirs, to be used to make profits and otherwise locked away. We disagree.‍ There's a huge amount of value to be unlocked by giving individuals the control of their data. When you can control your data, it becomes a tool for action, rather than a passive record of the past. But right now, it's far too hard to control your data. It's scattered across sites and services, each with its own interface for access. There's no good way to find out what is out there and how to get to it.

What We Are Building

Datum Platform

Web based app where you can analyze the data companies have collected about you, and decide what you want to do with it, if anything. From here you'll be able to get a personalized view of how you have been tracked and targeted, and some recommendations for how to improve your privacy. ​

Service Adapters

Open-source connections between our app and popular service providers so you can get access to data from all the sites and companies you use everyday. As we lay out the foundation for the first few adapters, we'll make our code available so the open-source community continues to build adapters alongside us!

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